Table 4.

Effects of SCH 56592 and benznidazole in a murine model of chronic Chagas' disease with different strains ofT. cruzi

StrainNo. of negative mice/no. tested
Control (untreated)Benznidazole, 100 mg/kg/daySCH 56592, 5 mg/kg/daySCH 56592, 10 mg/kg/daySCH 56592, 20 mg/kg/day
  • a Female albino Swiss mice (18 to 20 g) were inoculated with 30 bloodstream trypomastigotes of the indicated strain, and treatment was started 120 days p.i. The drugs were given orally for 20 days. Parasitological cure of animals which survived until the end of the observation period (191 days p.i.) was assessed by hemoculture, xenodiagnosis, and flow cytometry analysis for anti-liveT. cruzi antibodies. Animals were considered cured when all three tests were negative (for details see Materials and Methods).