Table 1.

In vitro susceptibilities of 257 clinical yeast isolates to four azole drugsa

Organism (no. of isolates) and antifungal agentMIC (μg/ml)Organism (no. of isolates) and antifungal agentMIC (μg/ml)
C. albicans (84)
C. tropicalis (20)
C. glabrata (15)
C. parapsilosis (15)
C. kefyr(14)
C. krusei(14)
C. famata(10)
C. guilliermondii (10)
C. inconspicua(10)
C. lusitaniae (10)
C. pelliculosa(10)
C. lipolytica(8)
S. cerevisiae(15)
C. neoformans (15)
R. rubra(7)
All organisms (257)
  • a MICs were determined after 48 h of incubation for all yeasts with the exception of isolates of C. neoformans and R. rubra, for which MICs were determined after 72 h of incubation under the NCCLS conditions (7).