Table 1.

Oligonucleotides used in this study

Oligonucleotide primeraApplicationSequencebPositions in nucleotide sequence shown in Fig. 1
ARI-NDNA hybridization5′-ACI GTI CAR CAY AAY YTI ATI AAY GA-3′1026–1051
P1PCR and sequencing5′-TGA ACA ATC TGA CTC GGG CT-3′1072–1053 (complement)
P2PCR and sequencing5′-TGG AGA ACC AGA AAA CGG AT-3′1240–1259
Invrs2PCR and sequencing5′-TTT TGG AAA GAC TGG TTG GG-3′1610–1629
Invrs3PCR and sequencing5′-CTG CTG TCC AAT TTC AGC AT-3′1451–1432 (complement)
Invrs1Sequencing5′-TTT GCA TGA GAT CAA GAC CG-3′1404–1385 (complement)
P5PCR and sequencing5′-AAG CAT GAT GAG CGC AAA G-3′785–803
P6PCR and sequencing5′-AAA AGG CCC ATT TAT CTC AAA-3′1850–1830 (complement)
  • a All oligonucleotides were purchased from Life Technologies Ltd.

  • b I, inosine; R, any purine (A or G); Y, any pyrimidine (T or C).