Study population characteristics for 10 patients with drug-resistant pulmonary TB

ParameterValue (n = 10)
Demographic characteristics
    No. (%) of male patients8 (80)
    Median (range) age (yr)30.2 (15–54)
    No. (%) of patients with the following characteristics:
        Georgian ethnicitya7 (70)
        Diabetes mellitusb1 (10)
        Hepatitis C antibody positive1 (10)
        Hepatitis B surface antigen positive1 (10)
        Alcohol user0
        Tobacco user3 (30)
        Retreatment TB case3 (30)
    Median (range) wt (kg)53.0 (48–71)
    Median (range) body mass index (kg/m2)19.5 (15–22)
Laboratory values
    Median (range) creatinine clearancec (ml/min)91.1 (52–155)
    Median (range) albumin level (g/dl)4.2 (3.5–4.9)
    Median (range) hemoglobin level (g/dl)13.7 (12.4–15.5)
    Median (range) alanine aminotransferase level (U/liter)18 (10–133)
Tuberculosis characteristics and treatment
    No. (%) of patient isolates with the following drug susceptibility pattern:
        Isoniazid monoresistant1 (10)
        Isoniazid and ofloxacin resistant1 (10)
        MDR6 (60)
        XDR2 (20)
    No. (%) of patients receiving pyrazinamide at a daily dose ofd:10 (83)
        1,200 mg2 (20)
        1,600 mg8 (80)
    Median (range) pyrazinamide dose (mg/kg)24.7 (22.5–33.3)
    Median (range) no. of days prior to surgery that the patient had received pyrazinamide363 (120–504)
    No. (%) of patients with the following indication for surgical resection:
        Treatment failure and localized lesion1 (10)
        High risk of relapse and localized lesion9 (90)
    No. (%) of patients with the following type of surgery:
        Lobectomy5 (50)
        Segmentectomy5 (50)
  • a One patient was Armenian, one was Azeri, and two were of other ethnicities.

  • b The patient was receiving insulin.

  • c Determined using the Cockcroft-Gault equation.

  • d At the time of surgical resection.