Table 2.

Effect of immunosuppression by CY on resistance to systemic candidiasis induced by CMA immunizationa

Infection (no. of cells/mouse)ImmunizationMSDNo. of survivors/no. treated (Pb)
1 × 104 Saline>20.62/5
CMA>30.05/5 (<0.01)
5 × 104 Saline1.90/10
CMA>24.87/10 (<0.01)
2.5 × 105 Saline00/5
CMA6.81/5 (0.05)
  • a Mice immunized with CMA emulsified in IFA were infected i.v. with C. albicans cells 7 days after the last immunization. CY was given 4 days before infection. Survival was observed for 30 days after infection.

  • b Cox-Mantel test versus the respective control group injected with saline.