Table 1.

Bacterial strainsa

StrainDescriptionMIC (μg/ml)bSourcecReference
MIClass A GISA clinical isolate8 (I)16 (I)CDC isolate HIP5827, Fred Tenover (CDC)2, 3, 25
NJClass B GISA clinical isolate8 (I)8 (S)CDC isolate HIP5836, Fred Tenover (CDC)3, 25
PCClass B GISA clinical isolate8 (I)2–4 (S)CDC isolate HIP 6297, Fred Tenover (CDC)18, 21
Mu50Class B GISA isolate8 (I)8 (S)K. Hiramatsu (Juntendo University)5-7
Mu3Class C GISA clinical isolate2 (S)16 (I)K. Hiramatsu (Juntendo University)5-7
  • a Classes A, B, and C refer to glycopeptide resistance patterns described in the introduction which are based on previously published broth dilution MIC values of vancomycin and teicoplanin based on twofold dilutions of drug. The values shown for MI, NJ, Mu50, and Mu3 are reproduced from Tenover et al (29).

  • b The MICs of vancomycin for strain PC were reproduced from Rotun et al. (18) and Sieradzki et al. (21). The teicoplanin MICs for PC were reproduced from Rotun et al. (18). S, susceptible; I, Intermediate as determined by NCCLS criteria (17). CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Ga. Juntendo University is in Tokyo, Japan.