Table 1.

Specific activity of IPC synthase, its inhibition by aureobasidin A, and susceptibility to aureobasidin A in the presence and absence of verapamil in Candida andAspergillus spp.

Fungal speciesIPC sp. act. (pmol/min/mg of protein)Aureobasidin A
IC50 (ng/ml)MIC (μg/ml)
Minus verapamilPlus verapamil (0.2 mM)
C. albicans 1342.10.80.2
C. glabrata 2112.51.6NDa
C. tropicalis 3333.41.6ND
C. parapsilosis 813.21.6ND
C. krusei 423.51.6ND
A. fumigatus 3.05.4>503.0
A. flavus 6.12.6>50>50
A. terreus
A. niger
  • a ND, not determined.