Table 1.

Clinical histories, original IC50s, and mutation analyses of clinical CMV isolates testeda

StrainCode nameClinical historyOriginal IC50 for GCV (μM)bOriginal IC50 for PFA (μM)bUL97 mutationPOL mutation
C9208C9208Pretreatment bone marrow isolate from patient with CLL1.7170wtwt
C9209C9209Blood isolate from patient mentioned above with CLL after 18 months of repeated GCV therapy7.0220V460
F9089CMV 1Progression of CMV retinitis on intravenous GCV8.5210V594, S595
K8313CMV 2Progression of CMV retinitis on intravenous GCV8.0206I460
MR11979CMV 3Developed CMV retinitis after 10 months of oral GCV prophylaxis; intravenous GCV and PFA failed after 5 months of therapy>50870W603C412, M802
V15885CMV 4Pretreatment isolate from BAL from patient with AIDS1.2128.46wtwt
V379354CMV 5Pretreatment blood isolate from patient with CLL3.4296.54wtwt
V917401CMV 6Blood isolate from patient with CLL mentioned above after 469 days of GCV and 98 days of PFA therapy; patient had persistent viremia and colitis43.06179.91V460A522, A841
  • a POL, polymerase gene; CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia; wt, wild type; BAL, bronchoalveolar lavage.

  • b Hybridization assay for C9208, C9209, and CMV 4 to 6 (1, 5, 7); plaque reduction assay for CMV 1 to 3 (3).