Table 1.

MICs for K. pneumoniae strains with different resistance phenotypes and their transconjugantsa

Resistance phenotype groupNo. of clinical isolatesMIC (μg/ml) of drug for clinical isolatesNo. of transconjugantsMIC (μg/ml) of drug for transconjugants
III3>25616 96>256>2560.25–0.53>2562432–64>256>2560.25–0.5
IV1>25612>256 48>2560.51>25612>256 8>2560.125
  • a MICs were determined by the E test. Abbreviations: AMP, ampicillin; AMC, amoxicillin-clavulanic acid combination, CAZ, ceftazidime; CTX, cefotaxime; FOX, cefoxitin; IPM, imipenem.