Table 1.

Characteristics of the strains of C. meningosepticum used in this studya

DesignationYrCountry of originbMIC (μg/ml) of:blaB detection by:blaB3 detection by:blaACME detection by PCRblaCME-2 detection by PCRpI(s) of β-lactamase(s)Sp act (μmol/min/mg of protein)
97/P/54481997UK>32>32++++7.7, 8.2, 8.6, 8.90.530.17
NCTC 10016T1958USA3216++
NCTC 105851950USA>32>32++++7.1, 8.60.520.15
NCTC 105861956USA>32>32++++8.60.430.14
NCTC 105871961Ceylon>32>32++++7.1, 8.60.530.20
NCTC 105881962USA>3216++++7.70.390.07
NCTC 105891962USA3232+++6.20.370.09
NCTC 113051979France>32>32++6.5, 7.70.360.09
NCTC 113061979France>32>32+7.1, 7.5,
NCTC 113071979France428.20.660.01
NCTC 113081979France487.60.180.01
NCTC 113091979France32>32++++8.2, 8.60.420.11
NCTC 113101979France445.7, 6.20.09<0.01
NCTC 113791980France>32>32+7.1, 8.2,
NCTC 113801980France245.7,
NCTC 113811980France>328++8.8,
  • a PCR and probe results are presented as positive (+) or negative (−).

  • b Abbreviations: UK, United Kingdom; USA, United States of America.