Analysis of the putative open reading frame (ORF) located downstream of the mcr-like genes

GeneORF length (amino acids)Distance from mcr stop codon (nucleotides)Identity (amino acids) of ORFMCR-1 (coverage)a (%)
mcr-1 24071
mcr-2 82b9351 (97)c
mcr OSL 2369044 (90)
mcr CAT 2514538 (89)
mcr LIN 2455039 (91)
mcr POR 2164843 (86)
  • a Coverage represents the percentage of the query sequence that overlaps the subject sequence (i.e., ORFMCR-1).

  • b Putative ORF of MCR-2 is truncated by a copy of IS1595.

  • c Coverage was calculated from the alignment of the truncated ORFMCR-2 and the first 84 amino acids of ORFMCR-1. The mcrOSL, mcrCAT, mcrLIN, and mcrPOR genes are from M. osloensis, M. catarrhalis, M. lincolnii, and M. porci, respectively.