Table 1.

Pharmacokinetic parameters describing the time course of concentrations of ciprofloxacin in plasma and compartments of the eyea

Compartment and parameterbInitial estimatePopulation meanCoefficient of variationcDistribution
Vc (liters)1751744Normal
ka (h−1)1.992.0639Normal
t 1/2a (h)0.350.34
k el(h−1)0.170.1344Normal
t 1/2el (h)4.15.3
k pa · Vc/Va (h−1)0.0520.04514Log-normal
k ap(h−1)0.220.234Log-normal
t 1/2ap (h)3.23.5
K 0.240.23
Vc (liters)1751714Normal
ka (h−1)1.992.1839Normal
t 1/2a (h)0.350.32
k el(h−1)0.170.1439Normal
t 1/2el (h)4.14.9
k pv · Vc/V vit(h−1)0.0160.02214Log-normal
k vp(h−1)0.0540.1334Log-normal
t 1/2vp (h)135.3
K 0.30.17
  • a Half-lives corresponding to the rate constants of the model are shown.

  • b t1/2a, half-life of absorption; t 1/2el, half-life of elimination;t 1/2ap, half-life of loss from the aqueous;t 1/2vp, half-life of loss from the vitreous. The other abbreviations are defined in the text.

  • c Intersubject variability expressed as percent coefficient of variation of the population.