Table 3.

Characteristics of the five patients with fluconazole maintenance therapy failure

Mean age (yr [range])32 (22–47)
No. (%) of males4 (80)
Risk factor for HIV infection (no. [%] of patients)
 Intravenous drug use5 (100)
 Male homosexual activity0
Mean CD4 cell count (no. of cells/μl [range])41.4 (139–0)
CDCa stage of AIDS (no. [%] of patients)
 B31 (20)
 C34 (80)
Previous OPC (no. [%] of patients)
 Total4 (80)
 Fluconazole therapy4 (80)
Previous CIb
 Total3 (60)
 Fluconazole therapy3 (60)
Clinical outcome (no. [%] of patients)
 Death4 (80)
 Survival1 (20)
  • a CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • b CI, cryptococcal infection.