Table 4.

pI values of β-lactamase activity detected in C. meningosepticum isolates and in E. coli DH10B harboring pBS2 (GOB-1) or pBS4 (BlaB-1) and the corresponding GOB-1-like and BlaB-1-like sequences

StrainspI valuesShared amino acid sequence
Clavulanic acid-inhibited β-lactamase activityEDTA-inhibited β-lactamase activityGOB-1 likeBlaB-1 like
C. meningosepticumPINT7.68.3GOB-1BlaB-1
C. meningosepticum CIP 60588.57.8, 8.7GOB-5BlaB-1
C. meningosepticumAMA8.58.3GOB-6BlaB-2
C. meningosepticumGEO7.07.5, 8.5GOB-4BlaB-3
C. meningosepticumCIP 78307.58+aBlaB-6
C. meningosepticum CIP 60598.47.5, 8.5GOB-3BlaB-3
C. meningosepticum CIP
C. meningosepticumAB15727.68.3GOB-1BlaB-7
C. meningosepticumH01J1008.18.3GOB-2BlaB-8
C. meningosepticumCIP 60577.68.6GOB-1BlaB-4
E. coli DH10B (pBS2)b8.7GOB-1
E. coli DH10B (pBS4)8.5BlaB-1
  • a +, GOB-1-like positive results by hybridization but negative by PCR amplification.

  • b —, not detectable.