Table 1.

E. coli host strains, vectors, and recombinant vectors

Host strain, vector, or recombinant vectorRelevant characteristic(s)Source or reference
E. coliDH5αRecipient strain for recombinant plasmidsGibco BRL
E. coli XL1 Blue MRF′Recipient strain for recombinant lambdaStratagene
pGEM-3ZAmpr high-copy-number subcloning vectorPromega
pACYC177Ampr Kanrlow-copy-number cloning vector23
Lambda ZAP ExpressCloning vectorStratagene
pDO-1pACYC177/6.2-kbClaI-EcoRI fragment containing the 3′ end ofmecA, the HVR, the IS431 left copy, and theaadD, ble, and rec genes of pUB110This study
λDO-2Lambda ZAP Express/6.3-kbBamHI-BamHI fragment containing therep gene of pUB110 and the IS431 right copyThis study
pDO-3pGEM-3Z/3.5-kbPstI-BamHI fragment of pDO-1 insertThis study
pDO-4pACYC177/2.9-kb BamHI-BglII fragment of λDO-2 insertThis study
pDO-5pACYC177/3.4-kbBglII-BamHI fragment of λDO-2 insertThis study
pDO-6pACYC177/4.2-kb BamHI-ClaI fragment of the remaining sequence up to the first ClaI digestion site downstream of the mecA geneThis study