Table 2.

ClaI::mecA vicinity organization features of MRSA epidemic clonesa

StrainPatternOrganization featuresbObservation/origin (reference)
HUC19IΔHVR + pUB110 + Ins117Iberian clone/Portugal (21)
HUC31IΔHVR + pUB110 + Ins117Iberian clone/Portugal (21)
BK1920IΔHVR + pUB110 + Ins117Iberian clone/USA (22)
BK59IΔHVR + pUB110 + Ins117mecAtype I control strain (16)
BK2464IpUB110 + Ins117New York clone/USA (17)
JP1IpUB110 + Ins117Epidemic clone/Japanc
PL72IpUB110Epidemic clone/Poland (18)
COLIIReference strain/RU collection (8)
BK71IImecA type II control strain (16)
HUC191IIΔHVR + Ins117Iberian clone related/Portugal (21)
DEN 2125IIEpidemic clone 1960s/Denmark (4)
R35IIIpT181 + pI258Reference strain/USA (13)
CPS22IIIpT181Epidemic clone/Portugal (5)
CPS68IIIpT181Epidemic clone/Portugal (5)
HU25III*pI258Brazilian clone (29)
PER168IXpT181 + pI258mecAtype IX control strain (12)
PER222XIpT181 + pI258mecA type XI control strain (12)
BK163IIIpT181 + pI258mecA type III control strain (16)
HU106IXpT181 + pI258Hungarian cloned (6)
HU41XIpT181 + pI258Hungarian cloned (6)
HU101IIIpT181 + pI258Hungarian cloned (6)
HU86III′pT181 + pI258Hungarian cloned (6)
BK2421IVmecR1Δ170bp (5′)/pT181+pI258 (3′)mecA type IV control strain (16)
LHH1IVmecR1Δ170bp (5′)/pT181+pI258 (3′)Epidemic clone/USA (7)
BK2529VIS256mecA type V control strain (16)
BARGII17VIS256Epidemic clone/USA (7)
HSA49VIS256Sporadic clone/Portugal (10)
BK793VIpI258mecA type VI control strain (16)
HU195VIpI258Sporadic clone/Hungary (5)
HUC64VIIIΔHVR + pUB110 + IS256Iberian clone related/Portugal (21)
IPO108XIIIΔHVR + pUB110 + IS256Iberian clone related/Portugal (26)
VIC1XIVΔHVR + IS256Iberian clone related/Portugale
PL46XVmecR1::IS256 (5′)/pT181 (3′)Sporadic clone/Poland (18)
  • a The small differences among strains within pattern I or II (ΔHVR and Ins117) cannot be detected by the conventional gel electrophoresis settings used inClaI::mecA pattern determination (5, 16). Polymorphisms IX, XI, III, and III′ differ primarily in the copy number of the short 40-bp sequence within the druelement: 11 copies in IX, 10 in XI, 9 in III, and 8 in III′ (see accession numbers in Materials and Methods).

  • b Abbreviations: ΔHVR, truncated HVR, which has a deletion of 1,043 bp spanning all of the dru element; Ins117, 117-bp sequence flanked by two 15-bp direct repeats;mecR1Δ170bp, 170-bp deletion in the mecR1coding region.

  • c M. A. de Sousa et al., unpublished data.

  • d D. Oliveira, P. Major, I. S. Sanches, A. Marton, and H. de Lencastre, Abstr. 38th Intersci. Conf. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother., abstr. E170, 1998.

  • e R. Sá-Leão, I. S. Sanches, F. Fonseca, and H. de Lencastre, Abstr. 1st Eur. Congr. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother., abstr. F164, 1996.