Table 2.

Modulation of ErmSF N-methyltransferase activity by peptides derived from phage display

Peptide (50 μg/ml)acpm (avg)Normalized %SD (%)
Complete (with ErmSF)2,798100
 + peptide 15,330229125
 + peptide 24,243191107
 + peptide 36,183271121
 + peptide 43,365139106
 + peptide 54,959213108
 + peptide 65,05919054
  With resistant rRNA584225
 no enzyme553209
Complete (with ErmSF)7,224100
 + rnd 56,8089720
 + rnd 66,9109716
  • a Peptides obtained by combinatorial phage display were chemically synthesized as the N-acetyl and C-amide, and their effect on methylation of 23S rRNA catalyzed by ErmSF was tested in triplicate as in Table 1. Two sets of experiments were performed. To facilitate comparison, the data were normalized, setting the unsupplemented complete reaction data to 100%.