Table 3.

Proportion of mice infected with Aspergilluswith negative lung cultures following prophylactic treatment with SCH 56592

SCH dose (mg/kg)StrainTotal no. of micea% (no.) of mice with negative lung culturesb
25A. fumigatusND1521675 (12)
A. fumigatus ND158862 (5)
A. flavus ND83166 (1)
10A. fumigatus ND1521663 (10)
A. fumigatusND158850 (4)
A. flavusND83160
5A. fumigatusND1521631 (5)
A. fumigatus ND158850 (4)
A. flavus ND83166 (1)
2.5A. fumigatus ND152166 (1)
A. fumigatusND15880
A. flavusND83160
  • a The surviving mice were killed, and lung homogenates were diluted and spread onto SDA plates. The totals include the mice from two experiments with strains ND152 and ND83 and one experiment with strain ND158.

  • b No growth was detected on SDA plates with a 101 dilution.