Table 2.

Sequences discussed in the text and included in alignment figures

Species and strainAbbreviation in Fig.3 to 5Nucleotide sequence accession no(s).Reference
Enterobacter aerogenes97BE. aeAF211348This work
Enterobacter cloacae P99E. clX072474 (ampC)
Enterobacter cloacae MHN1X047306 (ampR, i-cisa)
Escherichia coli K-12E. coJ016118
Citrobacter freundii OS60C. frX03866,M2722211 (ampC)
13 (ampR, i-cis)
Morganella morganiiSLM01M. moY102832
Serratia marcescensSR50S. maX5296415
Yersinia enterocoliticaIP97Y. enX6314921
  • a i-cis, intercistronic region.