Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionaSource or reference
P. aeruginosa strains
 OCR1MexAB-OprM-overproducing nalBmutant8
 KG2259ΔmexRAB-oprM of COR6(KG3056), a MexCD-OprJ-overproducing nfxB mutant3
 N103ΔmexXY of KG2239, ΔmexRAB-oprMof PAO112
 N106ΔmexXY of KG2507,ampC∷Ω of KG2239This study
 N107ΔmexXY of OCR1This study
 N108ΔmexXY of KG2259This study
 N116 ampC∷Ω of N107This study
 N119 ampC∷Ω of N108This study
 N126ΔmexAB of OCR1This study
 N127MexXY-overproducing mutant of N126This study
 N128ΔmexXY of N127This study
 N133 ampC∷Ω of N127This study
 N148ΔmexAB of N107This study
 N150ΔmexCD of N108This study
 N151ΔmexAB of N116This study
 N153ΔmexCD of N119This study
 N154ΔmexXY of N133This study
E. coli S17-1 thi pro hsdR recATra+ 21
 pMT5059pBend2 derivative carrying multiple-cloning and NotI sites; Cbr 23
 pMT5071pMOB3 derivative carrying Ω-Cm instead of Cm; Cmr 24
 pNS003pMT5059 with flanking regions of mexXY and Mob cassette; CbrCmr 12
 pNS004pMT5059 with 0.9-kb PCR fragment with 3′ flanking region of mexB inXhoI-HindIII; Cbr This study
 pNS005pNS004 with 1.0-kb PCR fragment with 5′ flanking region of mexA in EcoRI-SpeI; Cbr This study
 pNS006pNS005 with Mob cassette in NotI; Cbr Cmr This study
 pKMJ075pMT5059 with mexD∷Ω and Mob cassette; Cbr Cmr Smr 4
 pKMB004pMT5059 with ampC∷Ω and Mob cassette; Cbr Cmr Smr K. Okamoto (Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)
  • a Abbreviations: Cbr, carbenicillin resistant; Cmr, chloramphenicol resistant; Smr, streptomycin resistant.