Table 1.

Bacterial strains used in the study

M. smegmatis strainRelevant genotypeaSource or reference
KD1163mc2155 (wild type)S. Cole (4)
KD1987KD1163 gyrA(A91V) 14
KD1991KD1163gyrA (D95Y) 14
KD1995KD1163gyrA (D95H) 14
KD1998KD1163gyrA (D95N) 14
KD1999KD1163gyrA (D95A) 14
KD2003KD1163gyrA (D95G) 14
KD2008KD1163gyrA (G89C) 14
KD2012KD1163gyrA (G89A) 14
  • a Amino acid abbreviations: A, alanine; D, aspartic acid; C, cysteine; H, histidine; G, glycine; N, asparagine; V, valine; and Y, tyrosine. The first letter represents the wild-type amino acid at the position indicated by the number. The second letter indicates the identity of the mutant amino acid at that position.