Table 1.

Properties of antimicrobial peptides included in this study

PeptideSequence and structureaCharge
Gramicidin SCyclic (LOVPFdLOVPF d)+2
Polymyxin BCyclized isooctanoylBTBB(BFdLBBT)+6
Polymyxin E1Cyclized isooctanoylBTBB(BLdLBBT)+6
Colymycin MMethane sulphonate derivative of polymyxin E0
  • a One-letter amino acid code, with the following additions: bold-face indicates residues that are positively charged at neutral pH; parentheses represent amino acids that are cyclized; a superscript d represents the d-enantiomer (all other amino acids are of the l-form); O, ornothine; B, diaminobutyrate.