Comparison of IC50s of compounds in enzyme reactions in which products were captured by WGA or type A PEI-WGA-SPA beadsa

Inhibitor (concn units)Enzyme inhibitedbIC50
WGA-SPA beadsType A PEI-WGA-SPA beads
Tunicamycin (μg/ml)MraY0.30.2
Nisin (μg/ml)MurG711
Moenomycin (μM)TG0.010.01
Vancomycin (μM)MraY, MurG, TG, TP1414
Ristocetin (μg/ml)MraY, MurG, TG, TP54
Bacitracin (U/ml)Lipid pyrophosphorylase0.40.4
Penicillin G (μM)TP2>300
Ampicillin (μM)TP4>1,000
Amoxicillin (μM)TP8>1,000
Meropenem (μM)TP17>1,000
Aztreonam (μM)TP11>1,000
Cefazolin (μM)TP15>1,000
Cephapirin (μM)TP14>1,000
Cefaclor (μM)TP11>1,000
Ceftriaxone (μM)TP0.2>1,000
Cefuroxime (μM)TP4>1,000
Cephadroxil (μM)TP485>1,000
Cephalexin (μM)TP863>1,000
Cephradine (μM)TP953>1,000
  • a Enzyme reactions were performed in parallel, and the products were analyzed by addition of either WGA-SPA beads or type A PEI-WGA-SPA beads, both in the presence of detergent.

  • b TG, transglycosylase; TP, transpeptidase.