Effect of aspirin addition at different times during biofilm formation by C. albicans SC5314

Time of aspirin (1 mM) addition (h)XTT reduction (%)a by biofilms at 48 h
Expt AExpt B
010.8 ± 0.8b8.0 ± 1.8b
213.4 ± 1.2b7.6 ± 0.6b
418.7 ± 2.4b8.3 ± 0.7b
2418.8 ± 4.7b12.1 ± 1.5b
48103.6 ± 4.094.3 ± 3.4
  • a XTT reduction is expressed as a percentage of that of control biofilms incubated for 48 h in the absence of aspirin. Results are means ± standard errors of the means of four replicate determinations. In experiment B, aspirin was initially present at a concentration of 1 mM during the 1-h adhesion period of all assays, after which it was removed along with unattached yeasts during washing. The drug was then added at the indicated times during the subsequent incubation period. In experiment A, no aspirin was present during the adhesion period. Mean ± standard error of the mean values (A492) for the controls were 2.532 ± 0.081 (experiment A) and 2.979 ± 0.122 (experiment B).

  • b Value significantly different at P < 0.001 from that for the control.