Effects of different agents on capture of peptidoglycan by WGA-SPA or type A PEI-WGA-SPA beadsa

Capture conditionWGA-SPA beadsType A PEI-WGA-SPA beads
Activity (cpm)% InhibitionActivity (cpm)% Inhibition
No addition1,30909540
GlcNAc (0.5 M)4186856641
KCl (0.5 M)1,755−3441457
KCl (2 M)1,569−202,988−213
Triton X-100 (0.05%)1,796−372,674−180
Sarkosyl (0.2%)1,661−2724874
  • a The agents were added after the enzyme reaction was stopped and before addition of the SPA beads. For the WGA-SPA beads the blank was 790 cpm, and for the type A PEI-WGA-SPA beads the blank was 504 cpm. Percent inhibition was calculated with respect to the activity when beads alone were added.