Genotypic characterization of blaCTX-M surrounding DNA

StrainDistance (kb) by PCR with the indicated primer:
ISEcplIS26ORF513IS903ORF1sul1 reverseORF1005
E. coli TN03+0.8+0.45
E. coli TN05+1.1+1.6
E. coli TN06+1.3+2
E. coli TN07+0.8
E. coli TN08+0.8+0.45
E. coli TN09+0.8+0.45
E. coli TN12+0.8+0.45
E. coli TN13+2.4
E. coli TN14+0.8+0.45
E. coli TN15+0.8+0.45
E. coli TN16+0.8
E. coli TN17+0.6 kb+0.45
E. coli TN18+0.8 kb+0.45
E. coli TN19+2
E. coli RB-01+0.8 kb+0.45
E. coli LM-01+0.8 kb+0.45
K. pneumoniae KP-LT+0.8 kb+0.45
K. pneumoniae KP-02+0.8 kb
K. pneumoniae KP-03+0.8 kb+0.45