Results of the assay for antibiotic resistance of C. trachomatis clinical isolates and mutations in 23S rRNA and L22 genes

Patient and descriptionIsolate and date obtainedAntibiotic susceptibility (μg/ml)Sero- typeMutation
ErythromycinAzithromycinJosamycin23S rRNAaL22b
1, chronic salpingitis1, 4/10/2000>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12G+
2, endocervicitis (the first episode of infection was observed in 1997; spiramycin was used for treatment)2, 1/5/2000>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12D++
3, vaginal discharge (treated with josamycin [500 mg] twice daily from 12/12/2001 to 12/21/2001)3-1 (before treatment), 1/5/20000.
3-2 (after treatment), 10/20/20010.160.320.
4, urethritis (treated with josamycin [500 mg] twice daily from 6/26/2002 to 7/5/2002)4-1 (before treatment), 6/17/2002>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12I++
4-2 (after treatment), 10/2/2002>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12>5.12I++
C. trachomatis reference strain D/UW-3/Cx (ATCC VR-885)
  • a Double mutations: A2058C and T2611C (E. coli numbering).

  • b Triple mutations: Gly52(GGC)→Ser(AGC), Arg65(CGT)→Cys(TGT), and Val77(GTC)→Ala(GCC) (bases relative to ATG).