Susceptibility to polyenes and azoles of C. glabrata parent isolates and their derived petite mutantsa

Antifungal agentDiam (mm) of growth inhibition zone
Isolate 90.1085Isolate 94.5579
ParentResistant mutantETB-induced mutantParentResistant mutantETB-induced mutant
Amphotericin B284040263030
Miconazole24 (M)TR1125 (M)1715
Isoconazole24 (M)TRTR24 (M)1111
Ketoconazole28 (M)11TR30 (M)1212
Fluconazole26 (M)TRTR28 (M)TRTR
  • a In vitro susceptibility testing was performed by the disk diffusion method on Casitone agar plates with Neosensitab tablets (containing 10 μg of drug for amphotericin B, tioconazole, miconazole, and isoconazole; 15 μg for ketoconazole and fluconazole; and 50 μg for nystatin). Results, which are representative of two independent experiments, correspond to the diameter of growth inhibition zones. M, presence of resistant mutants within the inhibition zone. TR, total resistance.