Mutational events in the clinical isolates of P. aeruginosa

StrainaMutation in mexZbProtein MexZ
PAO1Wild typeWild type
MutGr1307c (CAG→TAG)Q103c → AMBd
615S*Wild typeWild type
615R*Δ409 ntAberrant
2112S*400b (CAA→TAA)Q134c → OCHd
2112R*400b (CAA→TAA)Q134c → OCH
2114S*Wild typeWild type
2114R*Δ1 nt (386b)Aberrant
2116R*Δ14 nt (328-341b)Aberrant
2117R*614b (CAG→CCG)L305→P
2119R*Δ22 nt (595-616b)Aberrant
1724R400b (CAA→TAA)Q134c→OCH
1764RWild typeWild type
1800RWild typeWild type
1803RWild typeWild type
  • a CF isolates are indicated by an asterisk.

  • b Nucleotide (nt) position compared to mexZ sequence in the wild-type susceptible strain PAO1.

  • c Stop codon within mexZ.

  • d AMB and OCH are nonsense codons (UAG and UAA, respectively).