Inhibitory concentrations of cell inhibitors and antifungal compounds for aerobically and anaerobically grown C. albicans A72

CompoundInhibitory concn (μg/ml)a
Aerobic growthAnaerobic growth
Amphotericin B0.5>20 (not reached)
Zaragozic acid B0.58
Clotrimazole2>16 (not reached)
Fluconazole8>40 (not reached)
Miconazole4>16 (not reached)
Ketoconazole4>4 (not reached)
  • a Concentration at which no growth was evident after 48 h (aerobic) or 5 days (anaerobic). C. albicans A72 grown anaerobically appeared to be resistant to amphotericin B and the four azole antifungals, in that the cells still grew at the highest concentrations tested.