Genes upregulated in the fluphenazine and CDR experiments

Function group and nameFunctionaDRE sequencebFold increase (−) in expt
    CDR2C. albicans drug resistance protein 2CGGAAATCGGATA (−221)26.841.9
    CDR1C. albicans drug resistance protein 1CGGATATCGGATA (−460)8.48.4
Response to stress
    HSP12Heat shock protein (by homology); similar to S. cerevisiae HSP129.012.6
    GPX1Glutathione peroxidase (by homology); similar to S. cerevisiae HYR13.15.0
    IPF4065Similar to S. cerevisiae YHR087w (involved in stress response)10.53.7
    RTA3Probable transmembrane protein; similar to S. cerevisiae YOR049c (involved in lipid transport activity)CGGAAcTCGGAAA (−595)4.415.7
    IFU5Unknown; similar to S. cerevisiae YFL010CCGGAAATCGGATA (−248)4.36.7
  • a Gene functions were obtained using the CandidaDB and MycoPathPD databases available from the Pasteur Institute and from Incyte.

  • b Bases indicated in lowercase type are mismatches compared to the following generic DRE sequence: CGGWWWTCGGWWW. Position of the DRE relative to the start codon is indicated in parentheses.