Model parameter estimates from fit of three-compartment, linear models with caspofungin uptake into tissue compartment induced and inhibited by rifampin

ParameteraEstimate (precision SD)
Fit to study B dataFit to study A data
k0 (h−1)0.0156 (NAd)0.0156b
k12 (h−1)0.993 (0.004)1.00 (0.05)
k13 (h−1)0.191 (0.003)0.216 (0.011)
K21.04 (0.002)1.03 (0.05)
K30.0222 (0.0001)0.0222b
VC (l)4.12 (0.03)4.60 (0.04)
IC50 (μg/ml)0.411 (0.001)0.270 (0.075)
γ0.372 (0.004)0.334 (0.099)
IND2.16 (0.01)c
  • a K2 = k21/k12; K3 = k31/k13.

  • b For fit of study A data, parameter set to value from study B fit.

  • c —, for fit of study A data, IND was set to 1.0 (no induction).

  • d NA, not available.