Oligonucleotide primer sequences for amplification of the embB genea

PrimerDescriptionSequenceNucleotidesAnnealing temp (°C)PCR product size (bp)
embB1(F)First fragment, sense5′ CTG AAA CTG CTG GCG ATC AT7601-762058.0415
embB1(R)First fragment, antisense5′ GGT CTG GCA GGC GCA TCC8015-7998
embB2(F)Second fragment, sense5′ TGG AGG CCA GCA AAC CCG8082-809958.0451
embB2(R)Second fragment, antisense5′ TAG TAG TAA CGC AGG TTC TC8532-8513
embB3(F)Third fragment, sense5′ GCT GTT CGC CGC CGT AGG8743-876062.0528
embB3(R)Third fragment, antisense5′ GAA CCC GAA TCG CCG TCC AG9270-9251
embB4(F)Fourth fragment, sense5′ TTC GCC CGA GCA AAG ATG9752-976961.0368
embB4(R)Fourth fragment, antisense5′ TCG CGG GAC AGG TAG GTG10119-10102
  • a The M. tuberculosis sequence used to design the primers was obtained from GenBank, accession number U68480.