Effect of nelfinavir on the pharmacokinetics of caspofungin (study A)a

Day and caspofungin PK parameterCaspofungin coadministered with nelfinavirCaspofungin administered aloneGeometric mean ratio (90% CI)b
nGeometric meannGeometric mean
Day 1
    AUC0-24 (μg · h/ml)965.141056.071.16 (1.05-1.29)
    C1h (μg/ml)97.15107.610.94 (0.86-1.02)
    C24h (μg/ml)91.12100.711.58 (1.28-1.94)
Day 14
    AUC0-24 (μg · h/ml)989.851083.171.08 (0.93-1.26)
    C1h (μg/ml)99.34108.861.05 (0.95-1.17)
    C24h (μg/ml)91.70101.501.13 (0.85-1.50)
  • a Nelfinavir (1,250 mg) was administered orally twice daily, and caspofungin (50 mg) was administered IV once daily. PK, pharmacokinetics.

  • b Caspofungin plus nelfinavir/caspofungin alone.