In vitro 48-h MIC for antifungals and Nontransplant immunosuppressants against A. fumigatus isolatesa

AntifungalMICb (μg/ml) (range) of drugs against isolates from:P valuec
Transplant recipients (n = 6)Nontransplant patients (n = 6)
Amphotericin B2.24 (1-4)1.85 (1-2)0.14
Voriconazole0.38 (0.25-2)0.24 (0.125-0.5)0.09
Caspofungind0.82 (0.5-2)0.65 (0.5-1)0.79
FK5060.36 (0.097-1.56)0.21 (0.097-3.125)0.39
Cyclosporine4.96 (1.56-50)3.37 (1.56-25)0.55
Rapamycin50 (N/Ae)50 (N/A)0.99
  • a MIC-0 for voriconazole and amphotericin B; MIC-2 for the other drugs.

  • b Geometric mean.

  • c P values for the values for the isolates from transplant recipients and nontransplant patients.

  • d Minimum effective concentration given for caspofungin.

  • e N/A, data unknown.