Derivation of and MICs for strains of N. gonorrhoeae used in this study

StrainDescriptionRecipient strainDonor DNASelection agent (concn, μg/ml)MICa (μg/ml)
FA19Wild-type, antibiotic-susceptible isolate0.0160.150.50.00062
FA19 ponA1FA19 ponA1∞ΩbFA19pPR17Spectinomycin (100)0.0160.150.5NDND
FA19 penA4First-level penicillin-resistant transformantFA19FA6140PenG (0.016)0.1280.15NDNDND
FA19 penA4 ponA1FA19 penA4 ponA1FA19 penA4pPR17Spectinomycin (100)0.1280.15NDNDND
PR100FA19 penA4 mtrR penB5FA19FA6140-c1.
PR101PR100 ponA1∞ΩPR100pPR17Spectinomycin (100)
PR102PR100 penCPR100PenG (0.95)
PR103PR100 mutS::ermdPR100pMutS-ermErythromycin (10)NDNDNDNDND
PR105PR100 penC ponA1∞ΩPR102pPR17Spectinomycin (100)
FA6140High-level penicillin-resistant clinical isolate4.
FA6140 ponA-wtFA6140 ponAWT∞ΩFA6140pPR16Spectinomycin (100)2.04.0NDNDND
  • a PenG, penicillin G; Tet, tetracycline; Erm, erythromycin; Ceftr, ceftriaxone; Ceph, cephaloridine; ND, not determined.

  • b The linked spectinomycin-streptomycin resistance gene (Ω) is located 40 bp downstream of the ponA1 stop codon (Fig. 2B).

  • c Construction of PR100 is described in Materials and Methods.

  • d The mutS gene was disrupted by insertion of the erythromycin resistance gene.