Sources of the 15 clinical isolates used in the study

OrganismDate collected (day/mo/yr)WardSpecimenaClinical diagnosisAntibiotic therapyb
E. coli 113/06/97RespiratorySputumBronchopneumonia secondary to chronic bronchitisUnknown
E. coli 215/08/97CardiologySputumBronchopneumonia secondary to chronic bronchitis and emphysemaNone
E. coli 319/03/97PediatricNSUnknownUnknown
E. coli 424/10/97PediatricUSNeonatal intracerebral bleedingPenicillin
E. coli 521/10/98RespiratorySputumLow differentiation squamous cell cancer of right lung and chronic pneumoniaNone
E. coli 623/10/98RespiratorySputumMultiple thrombi, cerebral embolus, and aspiration pneumoniaNone
E. coli 730/10/98GastroenterologyBloodRectal carcinoma and pneumonia secondary to obstructionCeftriaxone
E. coli 806/03/98HematologyUrineMyelodysplastic syndrome and urinary tract infectionNone
K. pneumoniae I05/10/98NeurologySputumThrombic cerebral embolus and pneumoniaNone
K. pneumoniae 221/10/98UrologySputumDiabetes mellitus and peripheral neuritisUnknown
K. pneumoniae 328/10/98RespiratorySputumChronic bronchitis and chronic pulmonary emphysemaCeftriaxone
E. cloacae 107/03/97NeurologySputumThrombic cerebral embolus and pneumoniaUnknown
E. cloacae 224/04/97HematologySputumAcute myeloblastic leukemia with pneumoniaUnknown
E. cloacae 307/10/98Chinese medicineSputumPneumonia secondary to Parkinson's diseaseNone
C. freundii 18/03/97SurgerySputumLeft temporal bone defectUnknown
  • a NS, nasopharyngeal swab; US, umbilical swab.

  • b Clinical outcome data were not available.