Matched univariate analysis for risk factors for mortality and increased length of hospital staya

VariableMortalityLength of hospitalization
OR (95% CI)P valueHR (95% CI)P value
    Age1.0 (0.9-1.09)0.0710.4
    Female gender0.4 (0.1-1.6)
Underlying conditions
    No. of comorbidities1.8 (0.8-4.2)0.110.3
    Chronic lung diseaseNA1.010.06
    Renal insufficiencyNA0.990.04
    Organ transplantNA1.250.5
Exposures before MDR P. aeruginosa isolation
    Home antibiotic prescription1 (0.2-4.9)10.60.09
    Transfer from institutionNA0.80.4
    ICU stay1 (0.2-4.9)12.1<0.001
    Surgery0.8 (0.2-2.9)
    Immunosuppressive therapy1.5 (0.2-8.9)
    Invasive devices
        Devices score2.5 (0.4-12.8)0.22.6<0.001
        Foley catheter5 (0.5-42.7)0.13.0<0.001
        Mechanical ventilation3.5 (0.7-16.8)0.13.0<0.001
        Central line1.2 (0.3-4.6)0.72.5<0.001
Severity of illness
    Vasopressor prescription1.6 (0.3-6.9)
    ADL, bedriddenNA2.5<0.001
    McCabe score5.3 (1.3-21.5)
    SIRS4 (0.8-18.3)0.085<0.001
    No. of antibiotics1.5 (0.8-2.8)0.11.5<0.001
MDR P. aeruginosa isolation2.3 (0.8-6.0)0.082 (3.0-1.4)<0.001
  • a NA, not available; ADL, activities of daily living.