Impact of MDR P. aeruginosa on study patient outcomes compared to their matched controls

Outcome% of cases (n = 82)% of controls (n = 82)Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
RRf (95% CI)P valueOR (95% CI)P value
Mortalitya21122.3 (0.8-6.0)
Length of stayb20c10c2.0 (1.4-3.0)<0.0012.00.001
Surgeryd27162.5 (1.0-6.4)0.052.5 (1.0-6.4)0.05
Proceduresd38115.4 (2.0-14.0)0.0015.4 (2.0-14.0)0.001
Chronic caree55246.0 (1.3-26.8)0.016.0 (1.34-26.8)0.02
Full activity at dischargee34596.7 (2.0-22.4)0.0024.7 (1.3-16.2)0.015
  • a Multivariate model adjusted for McCabe score.

  • b Multivariate survival analysis model adjusted for male gender, being bedridden, and invasive device score. RR and OR denote the hazard ratio.

  • c Median length of stay after inclusion in the study.

  • d No other variable was retained in the multivariate model.

  • e Multivariate analysis for surviving patients admitted from home.

  • f RR, relative risk.