Estimated parameter values from the final model

ParameterEstimateBootstrap 95% CIaShrinkage (%)
CL/Fday 1b (liter/h)3.353.11–3.56
ΔCL/Fday 29 (%)14.36.0–25.8
V/Fb (liter)43.241.5–44.7
ka e (h−1)3.543.0–4.27
MTTf (h)0.5420.47–0.61
F d 1 fixed
Between-subject variability (%)
Between-occasion variability (%)
    Additive (mg/liter)1.230.85–1.57
    Coefficient of variation (%)4.42.8–5.4
  • a CI, confidence interval.

  • b This parameter has been adjusted by allometric scaling, and the values reported refer to a subject with FFM of 42 kg (the median value of the cohort). The individual estimates for clearance and volume parameters were defined as CLi = θCL(FFMi/42)0.75 · e(BSVCL + BOVCL) and Vi = θv(FFMi/42)1, respectively. θCL is the typical values for clearance and θv is the typical value for volume of distribution.

  • c NN, number of absorption transit compartments.

  • d F, bioavailability.

  • e ka, absorption rate constant.

  • f MTT, mean transit time.