Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidPurpose and relevant characteristic(s)Reference(s) or source
    E. faecalis OG1RFRifr Fusr; used for lsa insertional mutagenesis29
    E. faecalis V583TIGR sequenced strain; used to amplify lsa for disruption and complementation experiments40
    E. faecium TX2466Used as recipient strain; CLI MIC, 0.19 μg/ml23
    E. faecium TX1330Used as recipient strain; CLI MIC, 12-24 μg/ml7
    E. faecium D344-SUsed as recipient strain; CLI MIC, >256 μg/ml; erm(B)+36
    TX5332lsa gene disruption mutant (OG1RF lsa::pTEX4577); Kanr8
    TX5333Complemented lsa gene disruption mutant [TX5332(pWM401::lsa)]; Kanr ChlrThis study
    pTEX4577pBluescript SK (−) with aph(3')-IIIa inserted into ScaI site; Kanr; used for lsa insertion mutagenesis13, 43
    pWM401Shuttle vector; Chlr Tetr47
    pCR2.1 vectorPCR product cloning vectorInvitrogen
    pTEX5333pWM401::lsa; Chlr; used for complementation of TX5332This study