Comparison of amino acid sequence similarities between fungal topoisomerase I enzymes and between fungal and human topoisomerase I enzymesa

Organism (no. of amino acids)S. pombeA. nidulansS. cerevisiaeC. neoformansC. albicansHomo sapiens
P. carinii (763)54.35149.148.647.638.4
S. pombe (812)48.448.945.149.437.1
A. nidulans (871)50.845.950.435.2
S. cerevisiae (769)44.558.638.4
Cryptococcus neoformans (844)47.638.8
C. albicans (778)36.3
  • a Pairwise alignment (DNAStar) of the predicted P. carinii topoisomerase I amino acid sequence with that from each of the sequenced fungal topoisomerase enzymes and human topoisomerase I. The entire sequence was included in this alignment analysis. The accession numbers of the sequences are as follows: S. pombe, P07799 (67); C. albicans, U40454 (61); S. cerevisiae, P04786 (63); A. nidulans, U91968 (68); C. neoformans, AF009325 ; H. sapiens, P11387 (16). Each value is the percent similarity between the topoisomerase T genes from organisms in the column compared with those in the row.