Amino acid substitutions of AmpC β-lactamases from Morganella morganiia

AmpC variantpIAmino acid positionAmino acid sequence identity (%)
GUI-1/DHA-17.6 I M A A A S D N R E A T 100
SLM017.4VTEH98.9 100
DHA-27.8VMETNEH98.099.2 100
M19 6.6VTEH W T98.399.498.6 100
M29 7.4VTEHD98.699.798.999.2 100
M37 7.6T99.798.697.798.098.3 100
  • a Mature protein. Underlining indicates amino acid shifts probably responsible for the pI change. Boldface type indicates the AmpC proteins under study (from Morganella isolates). Accession numbers (references): GUI-1, AF055067 (31); DHA-1, Y16410 (4); SLM01 , Y10283 (3); DHA-2 , AF259520 (11).