Clinical trials of clindamycin plus quinine against P. falciparum malaria

Study detailsRegimenEfficacy (%)Reference
Dosage, formaNo. of doses/dayDosageNo. of doses/day
1974United StatesWHOA5450 mg, salt4540 mg3p.o.3Yes10043
1975United StatesWHOA5450 mg, salt3560 mg3p.o.3Yes6011
1975United StatesWHOA2600 mg, salt1560 mg3p.o.3No5011
1975ThailandWHOA4450 mg, salt3540 mg3p.o.3Yes10020
1975ThailandWHOA5150 mg, salt3270 mg3p.o.3No6020
1988BrazilWHO, RCTA4010 mg/kg, base212 mg/kg2p.o.3Yes9028
1994GabonWHO, RCTC345 mg/kg, base212 mg/kg2p.o.3Yes8832
1995GabonWHO, RCTCg505 mg/kg, base38 mg/kg3i.v.4Yes9631
1995GabonWHO, RCTA405 mg/kg, base212 mg/kg2p.o.3hYes9241
1997GabonWHOiC1618 mg/kg, salt28 mg/kg2p.o.3Yes9762
2000ThailandWHO, RCTA685 mg/kg, base48 mg/kg3p.o.7Yes10050
2001FranceWHO, RCTA535 mg/kg, salt38 mg/kg3i.v.3Yes10045
2001ThailandWHO, RCTP655 mg/kg, NSj38 mg/kg3p.o.7Yes10037
  • a Eight milligrams of clindamycin hydrochloride salt is equivalent to 5 mg of base.

  • b WHO, study conducted according to World Health Organization guidelines (67); RCT, randomized controlled trial.

  • c Pop., study population; A, adults; C, children; P, pregnant women.

  • d N, number of subjects.

  • e i.v., intravenous; p.o., oral.

  • f Adaequate dosing (i.e., clindamycin given at least twice daily and more than 3 days).

  • g Severe malaria.

  • h Quinine was administered for only 1.5 days.

  • i Short follow-up (3 weeks).

  • j NS, not specified.