Features of the OXA-58-positive A. baumannii isolates used in this study

StrainPulsotypeaGeographical originPlasmid size (kb) or locationStructure as referred to in Fig. 1Additional ISSource or reference
A. baumannii MADEToulouse, France302ISAba220
A. baumannii 328ILille, France306ISAba216
A. baumannii 203JMâcon, France403ISAba216
A. baumannii 253KK.-Bicêtre, France403ISAba216
A. baumannii CH22ESeville, Spain275ISAba216
A. baumannii CH17FSeville, Spain404ISAba216
A. baumannii CH28GSeville, Spain257ISAba216
A. baumannii 18BIasi, RomaniaCb8None16
A. baumannii 73CIasi, Romania158None16
A. baumannii 24DIasi, Romania2010None16
A. baumannii CH29HAnkara, Turkey219IS1816
A. baumannii 10NAnkara, Turkey2010NoneThis study
A. baumannii 3601LIstanbul, Turkey2010NoneThis study
A. baumannii 13015MIstanbul, Turkey2211ISAba1This study
  • a Pulsotypes are referring to reference 16, except for the two additional lanes, L and M, obtained in this present study.

  • b C, chromosomal location.