Nocardia strains and their RIF resistance

Species and strain/plasmidRIF resistance (μg/ml) at:Source
24 h48 h
N. asteroides
    IFM 0319T<5<5Type strain (ATCC 19247T)
    IFM 10159<525Japan clinical isolate
    IFM 10162<5<5Japan clinical isolate
N. brasiliensis
    IFM 0236T1050Type strain (ATCC 19296T)
    IFM 0406<5<5Japan clinical isolate
    IFM 10132>100>100Japan clinical isolate
    IFM 101601050Japan clinical isolate
N. farcinica
    IFM 0284T>100>100Type strain (ATCC 3318T)
    IFM 1012525>100Japan clinical isolate
    IFM 10152>100>100Japan clinical isolate
    IFM 10152 ΔrpoB2<5<5This study
    IFM 10152 ΔrpoB2/pNVrpoB2>100>100This study
N. asteroides
    IFM 0319T/pNVrpoB250>100This study
    IFM 0319T/pNV1.2<5<5This study