Patient and treatment characteristics for study participants

CharacteristicNo. of patients testedProportion(s) (no. [%] of patients)Median25th to 75th centile
Patient factors
    Demographic and clinical characteristics
        Sex14278 females (55%); 64 males (45%)
        New treatment or retreatment14251 new (36%); 91 retreatment (64%; previously treated for tuberculosis or received ≥1 mo of treatment prior to admission)
        Acetylator type9317 slow (18%); 76 intermediate or rapid (82%)
        HIV infection14114 (10%)
        Age (yr)1413628-45
        Albumin (g/liter)1423431-37
        ALT (units/liter)1421410-19
        AST (units/liter)1421714-22
        AP (units/liter)1416858-81
        γ-GT (units/liter)1422919-47
        Total bilirubin (μmol/liter)14264-7
Drug factors
        Rifampin (mg/kg)13910.98.8-14.2
        Isoniazid (mg/kg)1396.54.8-8.8
        Pyrazinamide (mg/kg)13935.725.2-47.3
        Ethambutol (mg/kg)13124.516.8-32.6
        Single or FDC rifampin and isoniazid products138c29 (21%) FDCs, 109 (79%) single drug products
  • a ALT, alanine transaminase; AST, aspartate transaminase; AP, alkaline phosphatase.

  • b The weight was not known for three subjects.

  • c The formulation type was not known for four subjects.