Substitution in blaAmpC genes according to the pI value for each cephalosporinase and comparison with the sequence of the blaAmpC gene of P. aeruginosa strain PAO1 (pI 8.0)

Nucleotide (amino acid) positiona in PAO1Nucleotide (amino acid) substitution in cephalosporinase with accession no. (pI) of:
AY083593 (7.8)AY083595 (8.0)AY083592 (8.4)AF490770 (8.0 + 8.4)AY083594 (8.6)
G789 (Arg79)A (Gln)
A866 (Thr105)G (Ala)G (Ala)G (Ala)G (Ala)
C883 (Arg110)T
A916 (Ala121)G
C994 (Phe147)T
C1060 (Tyr169)T
T1080 (Leu176)G (Arg)
G1150 (Arg199)A
G1166 (Val205)T (Leu)C (Leu)
C1204 (Asp217)T
T1243 (Tyr230)CCCCC
C1399 (Thr282)T
G1519 (Pro322)AA
T1585 (Gly344)CCC
C1639 (Gly362)AA
G1725 (Gly391)C
  • a Numbering is according to that for the blaAmpC gene and that for the deduced amino acid sequence of P. aeruginosa PAO1 with GenBank accession no. X54719 .