MICs of macrolides and related antibiotics for ribosomal mutants of S. pneumoniae selected in vitro

Resistance phenotypeGene (product)Alteration(s)MIC (μg/ml) ofa:Reference(s)
MLSBrrl (23S rRNA domain V)A2058G or A2058U>32->20016-100>32->1006.25ND0.06-, 40
MLrrl (23S rRNA domain V)A2059G>3228NDND0.015ND0.2525, 40
ML (low level)rrl (23S rRNA domain V)C2610U0.1250.030.06NDND0.008ND0.50.55
MSBrrl (23S rRNA domain V)C2611A, C2611G, or C2611U0.5-12.50.06-1000.06->1000.78-1.56ND0.01-0.3950->1000.50.2-25, 40
MKLSBrrl (23S rRNA domain II)A752 deletion>32>32>32NDND4ND115
MSBrplD (L4 protein)G69C and 67QSQKb0.39-1.560.05-0.20.05-0.2ND0.78-1.560.006-0.13.12ND0.05-0.240
MSrplV (L22 protein)G95D, P99Q, A93E, P91S, and G83E0.06-10.125-10.25-1NDND0.06-0.25ND1-20.03-0.125
  • a AZM, azithromycin; CLR, clarithromycin; ERY, erythromycin; SPI, spiramycin; JOS, josamycin, TEL, telithromycin; SGB, streptogramin B; PRI, pristinamycin IA; CLI, clindamycin. ND, not determined.

  • b The alteration is underlined.