Gene expression profiles of oprH-phoPQ, PA3552-PA3559, and pmrAB in P. aeruginosa PAO1

Gene identification no. (name)aGene expression (relative ratio) inb:Description of protein and its functiona
PA1178 (oprH)1,135 (1)2,558 (2.3)18,107 (16)Outer membrane porin H1 precursor
PA1179 (phoP)498 (1)465 (0.9)2,260 (4.5)Two-component response regulator
PA1180 (phoQ)363 (1)448 (1.2)1,223 (3.4)Two-component signal sensor
PA3552147 (1)183 (1.2)1,235 (8.4)Hypothetical protein; LPS modification
PA355359 (1)29 (0.5)549 (9.3)Probable glycosyltransferase; LPS modification
PA3554168 (1)275 (1.6)1,624 (9.7)Hypothetical protein; LPS modification
PA355554 (1)75 (1.4)338 (6.2)Hypothetical protein; LPS modification
PA3556264 (1)272 (1.0)1,650 (6.3)Inner membrane L-Ara4N transferase ArnT
PA355748 (1)91 (1.9)463 (9.7)Hypothetical protein; LPS modification
PA355894 (1)92 (1.0)870 (9.3)Hypothetical protein; LPS modification
PA3559109 (1)115 (1.1)1,115 (10.3)Probable nucleotide sugar dehydrogenase
PA4776 (pmrA)261 (1)265 (1.0)289 (1.1)Two-component response regulator
PA4777 (pmrB)206 (1)236 (1.1)244 (1.2)Two-component signal sensor
  • a Gene number and the description of the protein and its function were cited from the Pseudomonas genome project ( and J. B. McPhee et al. (16).

  • b Gene expression profiles were based on GeneChip experiments as described in Materials and Methods. Data represent raw signal intensities after analysis settings suggested by the manufacturer. Arg, 20 mM arginine; Spd, 20 mM spermidine.